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                Welcome to visit the Baoding Agricultural Equipment Co., Ltd. Xuan official website


                Xinjiang Gongliu agricultural school initiatives to create a new situation in Ag
                Agricultural machinery as a modern means of production, is representative of the advanced productive forces
                Product quality assured users, ZOOMLION agricultural machinery popular in Jiangx
                In recent years, ZOOMLION in industrial
                Domestic agricultural machinery products in order to better
                In recent years, China s agricultural mechanization technology has made great progress, but compared with developed countries
                Agricultural machinery enterprises
                Recently, the Ministry of industry, China import and Export Bank jointly issued a document to increase fin
                Corn has been cut this year
                It is reported that this year, China will continue to further promote the reform of corn purchasing and
                1 farm machinery power should be matched with agricultural machinery, agricultural machinery can not overload work
                1 before using agricultural machinery, it is necessary to read the instructions of diesel engines and agricultura
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